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Saved manufacturing costs by ~3%.

Our solution helped a global beverage firm save high costs in their manufacturing process. It enabled them to:

  1. Identify cost rationalization opportunities across 32 KPIs.
  2. Run multiple cost scenarios with a few clicks.
  3. Forecast costs in the near term

In addition, the AI-driven automated insights took the guesswork out of the picture.

Get enhanced control over the cost drivers.

Overview of the Cost Command Center

Do you feel lost under complex maze of cost components on which you have little control? Do you find it challenging to compile cost KPIs spread across multiple sources? 

Leveraging Cost Command Center, you can benefit from a dynamic view of cost drivers which is more than just chart, tables and graphs.

Our Live CCC Project

Simulation of the manufacturing network cost optimization 

Manufacturing Cost Optimization

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3-8% Cost Savings Potential Per Year

Key Features of Cost Command Center

Real Time Cost analysis

You can get how your costs are trending across regions or business units in real time. No need to wait until end of the week.

Cost Simulation

Simulate the cost in a few clicks for anticipated scenarios and know the impact before hand. No need to invest time going through a maze of spreadsheets

Forecast Cost

Improve your ability to predict cost based on historical trends blended with impact of seasonal drivers external to your organization

Automated Insights

Get the benefit of the AI driven insights at every step of cost optimization that you do. It helps you keep the guesswork at the bay

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